Yes, I hear you. And thank you for doing the work that you do.

“If we all noticed each other a little bit more, the world would change overnight.”

I could not agree more. As we speak — or better, write — , a stranger approached me in the breakfast place where I regularly write. He did not introduce himself, he did not ask whether he was interrupting, he just asked me about the choice he is making regarding the next purchase of a new laptop. And, then, he started to tell me all about his life, his work, and his mental tendency to be very attached to laptops.

I sensed that he really had the need to connect, to share. Although such way of approaching a stranger, and claiming someone’s attention, is asking a lot of energy and compassion, it is also — in my view — a rewarding way, both for him and myself, to be present in this world.

Wishing you a nice day,

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