Thank you Colin for sharing your considerations, and the story of the cashier. We indeed have nowhere to go, but to deal with what we are given, i.e. our planet, and each other. The more we come to think of it, the more we start to realize that a lot of beauty — or damage — can be created in one single interaction with another person.

To some extent, we all want the same thing: acknowledgement, purpose, and love. It is tiring to constantly put on a mask, so what would we have to lose by being ourselves? And a bit of support — especially a friendly gesture by a stranger — along this process of growth towards being our authentic Self goes a long way in establishing the steady fundamentals to act compassionately towards ourselves, and not become embittered. And there is, of course, always our baggage to consider.

I leave it here. For sure, more conversations will follow. I look forward to reading your stories.

Science writer at A Circle Is Round ( • Exploring what science has to tell us about our interconnected nature •

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