I was very much intrigued by your approach of combing psychology and physics. I absolutely love such cross-disciplinary perspectives. Aside from the fact that they keep my mind sharp, I just love them. I am an observer of both physics, psychology, and languages (I have an MA in Commercial Engineering, a 1st Bachelor’s degree in Physics, I speak 6 languages (not all at the same level), and I love the human mind).

In your formula, how do you ensure that “m”, i.e. brain capacity, remains stable, when claiming that higher motivation (“F”) drives an accelerated learning process (“a”)?

Also, where do you mathematically place the idea that we may need time to digest anything new we have been learning? Perhaps we need to include quantum physics: in one parallel universe we are learning fast, while in another one we are digesting; and all of this is happening at once.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work on this!

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