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  • Michael Segal

    Michael Segal

    Michael Segal is editor in chief of Nautilus Magazine. Follow him at @michaelsega1.

  • Dr. Marc Gafni

    Dr. Marc Gafni

    Author, Visionary Philosopher, Evolutionary Mystic, Social Innovator, and the President of the Center for Integral Wisdom. http://www.marcgafni.com

  • Pravit Shetty

    Pravit Shetty

    An ever enthusiastic reader, physics nerd, math geek, and amateur writer.

  • Rebel Science

    Rebel Science

    Physics, AGI and neuroscience.

  • Alberto Romero

    Alberto Romero

    Writing at the intersection of AI, philosophy, and the cognitive sciences | alber.romgar@gmail.com | Get my articles for free: https://mindsoftomorrow.ck.page

  • Will Lockett

    Will Lockett

    Looking to the future, from fighting climate change to life-changing personal development and revolutionary technology. Support me @ https://bit.ly/2Yr3q6H

  • Gözde Kamış

    Gözde Kamış

  • Chicago Education Advocacy Cooperative

    Chicago Education Advocacy Cooperative

    We provide comprehensive academic coaching, mentoring, and consulting support to underrepresented students, faculty, and institutions.

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