Messages From Above
(Source image: own creation)

Unifying the Universe: A closer look at Garrett Lisi’s E8 Theory.
(Source image: Adapted from Paper Garrett Lisi)

The Quantum Origins of Our Universe
(Source images: pixabay)

Our Place in the World Wide Universe.
(Source images: Pixabay)

Brainy Guts and Gutsy Brains
(Source: pixabay)

Do we have a quantum entangled brain?
(Source images: pixabay)

Quantum Gravity in the Making
(Source image: own creation with Microsoft Powerpoint)

Catch Me If You Can, Said the Black Hole.
(Source: OpticalIllusions and pixabay)

Healing the planet, our animal peers, and our human species with a single formula.

Can I Get a Dose of Biodiversity, Please?
(Source images: pixabay)

See you maybe on the other side: a mind-bending exploration of wormholes.
(Source images: pixabay and

Olivier Loose

Science writer at A Circle Is Round ( • Exploring what science has to tell us about our interconnected nature •

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